We greet cordially on page of Stefan Żeromski Public High School in Oleśnica. Our school exists from 1 september 1999 year and has headquarters at Szkolna street number 9.

Young people have available 7 didactic halls and modern sports hall. We employ presently 13 teachers and 4 other employee as well. Our pupils live in the area of whole district. Young people exercise on next to school objects and on sports hall. We organize regular departures on swimming pool to Połaniec.

We own very well furnished studios between other computer studio with 10 brand - name computers, scanner,printer, multimedia projector and constant access to Internet. Accounting is computerized also.

In our school reigns nice and creative atmosphere. Our teachers participate in continuous professional perfecting, but pupils have more and more observable achievements in the area of świętokrzyskie province, even whole Poland. Due to acting circle interest, each pupil of our school has capabilities of intellectual and physical evolution.

If you are pupil of last classs of primary school and you think, to which high school to lodge application, it decide it quickly and come to us. You will not be discontent!

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